50th Reunion is approaching.


Updated housing information, July 25, 2017

On-campus housing information will be shared as soon as HAA informs the Class this autumn. The most recent rate was $95 per person per night for the 50th reunion of the Class of 1967 this past May 2017.

Boston Marriott (near MIT)

(800) 228-9290 or (617) 494-6600

2 Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway/Kendall Square,

Cambridge, MA 02142

Specify block for 50th Reunion Class of 1968 now available from Sunday, May 20, with check-out Friday, May 25, at $319/night plus tax. Booking deadline: Sunday April 29, 2018 or until this block fills.

Charles Hotel

In-House Reservations (617) 864-1200

1 Bennett St., Cambridge, MA 02138

The hotel posted its Harvard Graduation Rate 2018 (required dates May 22, 23, 24 of 2018) on May 31, 2017, requiring full deposit for 3 nights (must be canceled by Feb. 1, 2018 to receive refund).

Sheraton Commander

(617) 542-4800

16 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Look for Harvard Graduation Rates 2018 or in-house reservations

You can view rates for Harvard Commencement 2018 by visiting the following link and plugging in your requested dates of stay:.  www.sheratoncommander.com. Guests can also call 800-535-5007 to book reservation over the phone

HR Class of 1968 Reunion Update May 30, 2017

Subject: Preliminary Housing News

May 2017 is the 50th anniversary date of the release of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album; we hope you know that May 2018 is the ‘release of the HR Class of 1968’ returning to campus the last week of May 2018.

1. Reunion headquarters opens Sun evening May 20, with Harvard events concluding at the 367th Commencement of Thursday May 24, followed by Radcliffe Day on Friday, May 25, 2018 for many. This email message is to alert you to Housing plans for those arriving on Monday or, in some cases, the weekend prior to the official start of our 50th reunion.

Sunday, May 20 is for those whose travel plans require them to arrive a day early. Reunion officially starts Monday, May 21, 2018.

Reunion Headquarters will be in a River House and may be that of 2017’s:  Quincy House. Shuttle service will be available between the Harvard Business School Garage and the named River House throughout the Reunion.

2.  On-campus housing/headquarters closes at 9 am on Fri. May 25, 2017. There are no scheduled dining services after Thursday’s 367th Commencement or the Friday morning, May 25.

By electing to stay in Harvard on-campus housing, you are electing to stay in the same wonderful dorms and Houses from your time as a student, thus rooms lack hotel like amenities with some shared restrooms and shower facilities.  Further details will be issued as we confirm 2018 details with the HAA.

Classmates are encouraged to check out of their rooms Thursday as early as possible, unless staying for Radcliffe Day (Friday).  (There will be no 50th Reunion programming beyond the Annual Meeting of the HAA.)

3. Cambridge Hotels (fuller list will be posted later)


Boston Marriott (near MIT)

(617) 494-6600 or (800) 228-9290

2 Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway/Kenmore Square, Cambridge, MA 02142

Room Block Name: Class of 1968 50th Reunion Room Block

Booking Deadline: Sunday, April 29 or until rooms fill

Rate: $319 per night, plus tax

Dates: Sunday, May 20 to Friday, May 25 


Charles Hotel

In-House Reservations (617) 864-1200

1 Bennett St., Cambridge, MA 02138

The hotel posts its Harvard Graduation Rate 2018 (required dates May 22, 23, 24 of 2018) on May 31, 2017, full deposit for 3 nights; must be canceled by Feb. 1, 2018 to receive refund.


Sheraton Commander

(617) 542-4800

16 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Look for ‘Harvard Graduation Rates 2018’ or in-house reservations

You can view rates for Harvard Commencement 2018 by visiting the following link and plugging in your requested dates of stay.  www.sheratoncommander.com. Guests can also call 800-535-5007 to book their reservation over the phone

2018 Reservations for Reunion Week 2018 are open 




Please SAVE THE DATES of our 50th Reunion in 2018!

Week of May 20 ending Friday May 25, 2018.

…Harvard’s 367th Commencement followed by Radcliffe Day/Friday Departure


1968 remains a ‘non-traditional’ class so naturally we’re alerting you earlier (one year earlier actually) particularly in order to remind you reunions are now in late May and we wish to begin sharing ideas, thoughts and other perspectives for how we can ‘come together’ again. Let’s reflect, enjoy and also consider how our Class of 1968 has, and can continue to ‘come together’ to make a difference in the world, in our socities, in our community and of course, in our families.


We will be ‘50’ again only once! Please join those you remember, those you never knew, and be inspired to continue conversations that transcend our lives and inform our generation.


Create/Open your Harvard Key:


We're pleased to announce that the Harvard and Radcliffe Class of 1968 have a new website! Check out 1968.classes.harvard.edu for class news and events. Some portions of our site are restricted to classmates and require HarvardKey, the new login credential that also grants access to the alumni directory on alumni.harvard.edu. If you haven’t claimed your HarvardKey, you can do so here.


 Contribute to Reunion Planning:

Our objectives should reflect the class and we will be asking classmates to join us in many aspects of reunion planning, from simply a phone call with an idea, to intermittent contact to more robust monthly meetings which we begin planning now (this spring 2017)—far in advance of other reunions.


Our 45th Reunion gathering was featured in Harvard Magazine and led many of us present (and those absent) to reflect on how we’ll look at the world and our class at our 50th. Please join the conversation and meet transformation (and history) everywhere we turn.

Eva I. Kampits and Don Chiofaro for the Reunion Committee




Dear Classmates,


Glimpses spotlights a cross-section of our classmates sharing personal stories in short presentations of 5-7 minutes. Our version, inaugurated by Wendy Mnookin and Jim Sersich for our 45th, was exceptionally popular. Proving a great vehicle for getting to know each other through "glimpses," these short talks focus on anecdotes, discoveries, transformations and obsessions. This is not a time to discuss career accomplishments but rather an opportunity to share who you are aside from whatever role you may have in your community (or, the world).


The committee knows that every classmate has a story and we hope you will be interested in presenting.  To be as fair as possible in a short time frame, we will first choose presenters by lottery, initially selecting more than the time frame allows, followed by a final decision based on our best efforts to balance the program.


How to participate: please send a suggested title for your talk, a 2-3 sentence description as well as how you would categorize your piece:  inspirational, humorous, dramatic, playful, passionate, or whatever word you feel best summarizes the feeling of your presentation. If you wish to talk it over first, or have other ideas or questions, please contact Rick (frederick.schaffer@gmail.com) or Barbara (bshorelaw@gmail.com ). We hope to get first round submissions by December 20 and remember, these are not your final pieces, just summaries for consideration in mid-December.  Don't think too long about this, just write your email and send! We are waiting to hear from you.



Barbara and Rick


Harvard and Radcliffe Class of 1968
Forty-Fifth Reunion

Post Reunion Resources 

Link for ordering Class photos

The class wishes to recognize and formally thank Howard Georgi, Harry Lewis, and Pete Zimmerman (Harry and Pete not in group photo) for their central role in hosting key Reunion events in Leverett House, Maxwell Dworkin, and the JFK School of Government.


Read about our Reunion in Harvard Magazine:


Reunion Schedule
Follow-up Letter to Class of 1968 From Don and Eva
Symposia Information



Public Policy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMOF1rEpo1o

Higher Education: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWtUPdNUUy8

Future Healthcare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grl62DjCHd4

Disruptive Weather: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKro7hE1ifQ

In Our Sixties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ_qzv-VZiY



Professor James McCarthy—Disruptive Weather, the Oceans, and Climate Change
Crimson Coverage of the Cabaret
Cabaret Program
Cabaret Trailer For trailer or video preview click link below:


Dear Peter Benjamin,
I received my DVD today.  I stayed up until 2:00 AM watching it, delighted and, frankly, in awe of 
the talent and the deep bond of community in our class.   This was our best Cabaret ever.  Your DVD captures the magic, the creativity, the connection, and, above all, the heart of the Cabaret.  It is, quite simply, an extraordinary and loving job you have done, Peter.  You did it!  For those of us who were blessed to be there, it brings it all back--wonderfully so.  It is a treasure to have this DVD.  For those who couldn't make the show, I hope they add this DVD to their library. What a treat they have in store. Thank you, Peter, for so beautifully preserving this wonderful moment in time for all of us to share. Yes! Yes! YES!!!!

Ed Kovachy


I second that emotion.

I received mine yesterday. Peter B. honors us all with his thoughtfulness and the high quality of his work.

The CD is a treasure,

Peter Larson

Cabaret Video Order Form
Memorial Service Program
Memorial Service Audio Clip

Harvard 1968 Reunion Attendees

Photos from the Reunion


Videos from the Reunion


Glimpses Information

Being gay -- then and now: Butler

A Paradise of Houses: Hale

If Life is about Loss---: Hornblower

Going Green: Kurnick

Those We Love--Life, Death, Joy: Peterson

Eye, camera, mathematics: Mordy Willson


Remembering 1964-1968: A Profile

Radcliffe Freshman Register

Link below for Freshman Register for Men 


Nonprofit Expo List

Central Park Zoo Band Membership

If you were at our Leverett House mixer Friday night, October 25th, you were WOWED by the Central Park Zoo, their great selection of 60s songs, their great musicianship, and their great Class of ’68 spirit.  They were inspired by our dancing and our staying power! And keep the Central Park Zoo in mind if you or your organization needs a great band to perform for people who are as cool as the Class of 1968.

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