thank you all for making our fiftieth such a success.

Yet to come: Video of the Cabaret and Many Photographs. Watch this space.

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If you have questions please email the class inbox at or call the College reunions main line at 617-496-7001 .   Also if you’re talking to friends who aren’t receiving emails, a good initial step is to encourage them to either check their spam folders or if they use Gmail, to check their Social/Promotions tabs because HAA emails sometimes get filtered there.


Article in May-June 1918 Harvard Magazine by Michael Knapp '68



Class of 1968 50th Reunion

Ten Compelling Reasons for Attending



  1. Reconnect with old friends

If you think about it, there are likely to be a number of people with whom you’d like to catch up. The other part of that equation is there will be classmates who still care about you from back in the day.


  1. Take a break

Take a break from the present and revisit the sights, sounds and friends of the all too brief years of undergraduate life when everything was possible, beer was food and we were invincible. When you return to the present, it will be with a finer appreciation of a treasured memory.


  1. Witness the fruits of your contributions

Take a look at Harvard’s and the Radcliffe Institute’s continued leadership. If you are a regular contributor to the Harvard College Fund and/or the Radcliffe Institute Fund, your reunion visit will allow you to see firsthand how your dollars are being put to work on behalf of students and faculty.


  1. Learn something, gain new perspectives

The reunion will feature planned symposia and exhibits of our classmates’ creativity. Informal discussions will allow you to engage classmates on a wide range of topics and gain valuable new information and perspectives.


  1. Shake it up!

We tend to be creatures of habit and fall into an endless series of the same old, same old. Shake things up; take a trip to Cambridge; and enjoy springtime in Harvard Yard.


  1. Discover romance and new friendships

Depending on your relationship status, attending our class reunion may turn out to be a wonderful way to safely meet and socialize with classmates, who are also looking to meet and socialize.


7. Pick up the conversation where you left off

Experience the sense of connection that is a special trait of the Class of ’68. Our shared experiences from the Sixties bonded us then and, although our experiences have been many and varied over the years, when you arrive back in Cambridge, you’ll discover the joy of picking up the conversation with your classmates where you left off.


8. Party like it’s still 1964!

The tradition of performance excellence will continue with the latest edition of our acclaimed Class of ‘68 Cabaret. The Central Park Zoo will keep you partying like it’s still 1964. Underground ’68 programming will bring back those Club 47 days.


9. Engage in a group hug

Rejoice at the marvels of retirement and grandchildren. Share the grief over the loss of parents, spouses and classmates. Discover that you care very much about your classmates and their life experiences.


10. Enjoy an experience of a lifetime


Our perspectives on what matters in life may change over time, but college friendships stay intact, even after going many years without contact. So join us at the 50th reunion. You will be able to reflect on the past, celebrate friendships, live in the moment and contemplate the future.


     Prepared by Barbara Shore ’68 and Chris Burns ’68 on behalf of the twenty‐nine volunteer members of the Harvard/Radcliffe 50th Reunion Committee


To claim your HarvardKey, visit and click the link “Claim Your HarvardKey.” On the next page select the appropriate user type by clicking on the tab that reads “Alumni.” Then click “Continue.” Also please click here to see additional information about claiming your Harvard Key written by our classmate John Dudley Miller.

Dear Classmates

As those of you who have attended past reunions know, the class survey is one of the highlights of the reunion. It's fascinating to learn what all of us have been doing, what we are experiencing, and what we are thinking in the aggregate, as a class. Of course, in order to paint that class portrait, members of the class have to fill out the survey

The 50th Reunion class survey can now be taken here. Most important, it should be fun, interesting, and even thought-provoking. Please respond, even if you don't plan to attend the reunion so that we can obtain a complete portrait of our class. The deadline to submit responses on the class survey is Friday, May 18.
In addition, we are hoping to gauge expected attendance at the symposia, forums, and small group discussions taking place on Tuesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 23. In order to do that, please indicate the program you are most likely to attend. The deadline to submit responses on the attendancesurvey is Friday, May 11.
If you haven't yet submitted your responses on the arts submissions survey, now is the time! The deadline to submit responses on the arts survey isMonday, May 7.

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